SGGS is a place of extraordinary interactions. It’s a setting where people and ideas come together in new ways - illuminating mysteries, making sparks fly, and fostering intellectual breakthroughs.

But these extraordinary interactions need a strong financial foundation. We will rely on the support of our alumni and friends as we work to strengthen the Institute’s work—and defend its leadership position—in these key areas:


(A) SADBHAVANA SCHOLARSHIP: The Sadbhavana Initative is for the student financial support. Donations enable SGGS to remain committed to its need-based admissions and need-based financial aid policies, ensuring that every student who has earned admission to the institute is able to attend.


SEAA had the good fortune of helping some needy students due to the initiative of two of our alumni. They (requesting anonymity) declared financial assistance to economically weaker students who don’t receive financial assistance from any other source and have been donating sizable amount since last 4 years (1 lac for the first year and 1.50 lacs since last three years). After thorough discussions with the donors, SEAA executive council members decided to extend 25000/- per student as support for carryout their studies. This money is paid by cheque to the students during Alumni Meet of the respective year.

Every year a committee comprising of some executive council members follows a rigorous procedure for identifying the beneficiaries. And invariably the committee members are emotionally moved by the financial situation of the applicants.

Through the contributions of some faculty and some other alumni we could extend the scholarship to eight (08),thirteen (13) and eighteen (18) students in 2012-13, 2013-14 and 2014-15 respectively.

But, as you would agree, there are many more students who are needy of such support. I, on behalf of the SEAA Executive council, request you to consider generously contributing to the Sadbhavana Scholarship fund.

You may contribute whatever amount is conveniently possible for you. You may contribute either for some years only or on continuous basis. You may deposit the money every year or may deposit one time and ask for using the interest on that money to be given as contribution to the Sadbhavana Scholarship fund.

You can deposit money to the Axis Bank account of SGGS Engineers’ Alumni Association, Nanded with A/c No.: 318010100006569 (IFSC: UTIB0000318) and send your details on and mark copy to,,,

We sincerely hope that each one of us will join hands in helping the students in their pursuit of education. We shall publish the details of amounts received and disbursed to students on our website and Institute website.

Dr. R. Holambe, Dean (Almni affairs)

Dr. J. V. L. Venkatesh, Head and Prof. Mechanical Engineering Department.


(B) Alumni Funded Projects: The physical infrastructure of the institute is always growing and changing. Enter SGGS 2030 - a long-range plan to renew and evolve SGGS’s facilities and physical environment based on a continuously refreshed understanding of the institute’s academic, research, and community priorities. Realizing this plan will require unrestricted support.

(1) Alumni Sponsored Canteen

One of the best places for studies and networking, canteen is a place where the Institute’s heart throbs. No one other than an alumnus could have identified the need of a good canteen for the otherwise exponentially growing SGGS.

Mr. Pradeep Erijenery who stayed at H. No. 10, Bhagyanagar, Nanded has taken initiative and a leading role in establishing the canteen with the support of alumni. He, along with his batch mates who stayed together during their graduation, donated 25 lakhs for the canteen building. Alumni Association (SEAA) was part of the deliberations throughout and it was planned that they would construct the canteen building directly at SGGS by appointing a contractor.

SGGSIE&T and SEAA will remain indebted to them for the proactive and pioneering effort of supporting the Institute.

Development / Landscaping of the surroundings (not part of Pradeep’s donation) of the canteen building is still awaited due to construction of new departmental building. Just adjacent to the caneen.

Towards the development wotk, you can deposit money to the Axis Bank account of SGGS Engineers’ Alumni Association, Nanded with A/c No.: 318010100006569 (IFSC: UTIB0000318) and send your details on and mark copy to,,,


SGGS's Global Initiatives take place in nearly every continent, and transpire at many levels - from individual faculty collaborations to institutional partnerships. And they materialize in many forms - from teaching and research, to internships and work, to public service and outreach efforts.

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